June 16, 2024

Road crash in east China has claimed the lives of 17 people

A major road crash that occurred in Nanchang County, east of China’s Jiangxi province, resulted in the death of seventeen people. In addition, 22 others sustained injuries, according to the Chinese news agency, Xinhua. The injured have been taken to a hospital for treatment. According to local authorities, the cause of the accident is under investigation.

The “major road traffic accident” occurred shortly before 1 a.m. (1700 GMT) in Nanchang County, according to the report. According to CCTV, the cause of the accident is being investigated in depth. After the news broke, Nanchang County traffic police issued travel tips to drivers stating that the area had been experiencing “foggy weather”.

According to Jimu, a local news outlet affiliated with the Hubei Daily Media Group, the accident occurred when a truck struck a funeral procession. According to a local woman named Deng, people performed a roadside offering to the dead before heading to the crematorium Sunday morning. According to the report, they were then struck by a truck, with most of the dead and injured being funeral attendees.

Another local man, surnamed Gong, told the outlet that his wife had been killed in the accident, and that they had been attending the funeral. According to him, the truck had suddenly crashed into the back of the line, tearing through the group before finally reaching the hearse. Nanchang County traffic police issued travel tips to drivers shortly after news of the accident broke.

As a result of the lack of strict safety regulations on Chinese roads, a number of road accidents occur regularly on the streets of the country. It has been reported that a car pile-up that occurred in central China last month resulted in one person dying as a result of low visibility due to fog, causing hundreds of vehicles to collide with one another.